• 07.07.2011: CodeCover auf dem Java-Forum Stuttgart
    Vortrag von Rainer Schmidberger zu "Testsuite-Optimierung mit CodeCover". Abstract und Vortragsfolien
  • 16.03.2011: CodeCover released
    Bugfix in highlighting if decisions, bugfix in JUnit interface, see topic 4084600.
  • 19.04.2010: CodeCover released
    Term coverage competely reworked: CodeCover now implements the Ludewig term coverage. The Ludewig term coverage is similar to MC/DC, but has some advantages: the Ludewig term coverage is defined for partly coverage, and for each individual term value set the term coverage can be determined - both is not possible for MC/DC. For short cut semantics (the usually used && and || operators) the Ludewig term coverage subsumes MC/DC.
  • 27.01.2010: CodeCover released
    Two new metrics are introduced: the ?-Operater coverage and the synchronized coverage. The new version is available via the CodeCover update site
  • 02.03.2009: (German) CodeCover auf den Test-Tagen 2009 in Stuttgart
    Auf den Test-Tagen 2009 der Java User Group Stuttgart vom 07.05.-08.05.2009 wird CodeCover präsentiert mehr ...
  • 09.03.2009: New CodeCover released
    The instrumentation is changed: return-statements are now instrumented too.

The benefits of glass-box testing

Codecover capabilities

  • Testing adequacy metric
    Coverage is an objective adequacy metric which can be used as a test completion criterion.
  • Test suite extension
    The glass-box test shows the program elements which were not executed. CodeCover proposes test cases to increase the coverage.
  • Test suite reduction
    Removing (redundant) test cases from a test suite to reduce regression testing effort without (significantly) decreasing testing effectiveness
  • Basis for selective regression testing
    Instead of "rerun-all" in regression testing, only those test cases are selected that were "involved" in the code modification.
  • Support for program comprehension
    The glass-box test shows which program code is executed by which test case (traceability).
  • General
    CodeCover is a free glass-box testing tool developed in 2007 at the University of Stuttgart (ISTE).
  • Coverage metrics
    CodeCover measures statement, branch, loop, term coverage (subsumes MC/DC), question mark operator coverage, and synchronized coverage.
  • Reports
    CodeCover uses the template engine Velocity.
  • Platform
    Command line (Linux, Windows, Mac OS) and Eclipse and Ant integration
  • Programming Languages
    Open language interface, available languages: Java and COBOL
  • Licence
    Eclipse Public Licence (EPL)
  • Quick Overview
    See presentation slides [pdf].